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Mike Rowe Channels Paul Harvey; Loves the Trades

Less than twenty seconds into our interview, Mike Rowe exposes himself to be exactly the down to earth guy you’d expect him to be. Referencing my butter fingers habit of hanging up on guests, Mike Rowe is already cheerily busting my balls.

“First let me congratulate Bryan for not hanging up on me.”

The baritone voiced every man turned house hold name is calling into our show to discuss his new Podcast and his admiration for blue collar workers.

The Way I heard It with Mike Rowe (iTunes) is Rowe’s own podcast recorded while not narrating the dangers of fishing on the Bering Sea. The podcast, much like Paul Harvey’s classic radio series “The Rest of the Story”, is a collection of short stories using light theatricality and expert story crafting to capture the listeners attention.

“When I was kid, Paul Harvey was always there and did this thing called ‘The Rest of the Story’. They were basically biographies wrapped in a mystery. I just remember so many times riding around in my crappy little car and listening to these things, getting to where I was going, but being unable to get out of the car until I heard the end of the story so I could know who the hell he had been talking about.”

“As you guys know, there are no good ideas left in world.” States Rowe. One could almost see his tongue firmly planted in cheek as he continues, “Or at least, no original ideas.”

“I am in awe of people who wake up clean and come home dirty and along the course of the day fix a problem that I can’t fix. “

The short, neatly packaged, easily digestible true to life tales are written by Mike and his team. These stories rely heavy on back ground details to draw the listener in. Just as your mind starts racing to beat the story teller to the punch line, Mike reveals the pay off. It’s easy listening that is delivered with a precise narration familiar to anyone who has watched basic cable anytime in the last 14 years.

“You know, I’m a television guy and I had no real idea how podcasts work. We did 34 tests.” Rowe recalls. “I was just throwing them out there. People who know called back and said ‘Hey, 10 million people listen to this. You should do it again.’ So, we are calling it Season 2, but I don’t know what it means.”

Rowe acknowledges that much of his notoriety is a byproduct of hosting 10 years of his show dirty jobs. For the uninitiated, Dirty Jobs featured Rowe performing those rarely thought about often disgusting occupations which afford the rest of us our standard of living.

“I am in awe of people who wake up clean and come home dirty and along the course of the day fix a problem that I can’t fix. I can’t do that. There’s a gene, that’s recessive that I don’t have”, Rowe says admirably. “I’m just a fan.”

Being a fan of the blue collar working man provided Mike with the inspiration he needed to create “Mike Rowe Works” ( a foundation to support and promote blue color jobs, just like those on he performed on television. “All I kept hearing was there are no jobs and no one is hiring. Then I’d go do these jobs and all I would hear is that there is a shortage of workers. I knew there had to be some sort of disconnect.”

Mike has since moved on from Dirty Jobs and is currently developing another television project that will air later this year. In the meantime, however, don’t bother asking Mike to apply any of the skills he has learned over the years.

“You can call me.” He says with a smile, “But I’m not coming.”

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